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Libertarian Poems Vol. 1

Libertarian Poems Vol. 1

Libertarian Country |

Welcome to Libertarian Poems Volume 1, home of unique, provocative and thought-provoking poetry celebrating free speech, individuality and libertarian philosophy.

Explore beautiful and creative writing with themes and anthems of rebellion, self-ownership, liberty, freedom, social & political criticism, and resistance to tyranny and government corruption.

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Robert Barrows©
Added: 06/06/2023


Out of work? Need a job? Run for office!
Big debts, lots of sex? Run For Office!
Need prestige? Run for office!
Get elected! Get respected!
You even get yourself protected!
Give unto Caesar that which is his!
Get me Redford! Get me Liz!
I'm going to make it really big...
I'm going to run for office!
All the money you need...
The pleasures of power and greed...
Got to start planting the seed...
I'm going to run for office!
Get elected! Get respected!
Got to get myself selected!
My future in bliss! I'll promise you that...
I'll promise you this!
...With this big warm smile, hey, I can't miss!
There's nothing to lose, and I could actually win!
A couple of lies, hey, that's not like a sin?
Which race is open? I'm ready to go!
I'll toss my hat in!
Here comes the dough!
Where do I stand? It doesn't matter...
I'm shaking everyone's hand!
Oh what a feeling! I'm in command!
Hey, nice to meet you!
I'm running for office!
Your goals are my goals! Vote for me!
I'm your man!
What are my plans?
I'll show you when I get in office!


In the Halls of Big Government  

By: Patty Malowney
Added: 06/05/23

In the halls of big government, where politicians thrive
To secure their jobs and keep the system alive
They tax and they regulate and tax us some more
While making us think that it’s rich against poor.
Divide and conquer is their ultimate goal
While we lose our pride and American soul
While they spend more money, we grow deeper in debt
The solution we seek, we haven’t found yet

Big government this 
and big government that
Fix us big government
Tax us some more
Till we can no longer pay
For eggs at the store
We can do better than brother against brother
Let’s fight the beast, instead of each other



Poem by: P. Casimir
Added: 03/30/2023

Beyond the machine lies a defect.
Shimmering in the distance, a thought looms on the horizon.
A storm swirls the ominous clouds.
Loathed, the individual stands a ghost.
Lost to antiquity.
Ancient wisdom.
His mind dangles from a thread over the canyon.
Perish the thought of resistance, for the rulers hold captive the will of the future.
Seeds become smoking guns.
Fire becomes an inferno.
Your love blankets me in warmth.
Sleep well, my son... tomorrow you are free.


The Circus Freak

Poem by: Denver Sparks
Added: 03/30/2023

You paid your ticket, fine
Come on in, get in line
The show's about to start
Come and see these works of art

Right this way, to your seat
Behold the magic you will meet
Freaks and geeks and shmucks galore
That 3-armed girl's a fucking whore

They never stood a chance
At your prom or high school dance
But come and see what nature gives
And you will see where stardom lives

You're so ordinary
It's very very very scary
Sit tight, my friend, until the end
You'll see a woman twice as hairy

So much to be, so wild and free
I can't believe that you don't see
Of all these freaks inside this zoo
The biggest freak of all is you



Poem by: Billy Hat
Added: 03/28/2023

Call my lawyer.
Let me out.
I'm not a monster.


The Liberty Ship

Poem by: Tim Roland
Added: 03/27/2023

The high seas speak of mystery
What secrets do they tell?
When we storm the beaches
We will ring that liberty bell
We threw away the tea
But kept the treachery
You told us we were free 
Then made us bow to thee
But never will we bow again
Listen well, my statist friend
The time has come for a solution
The time has come for revolution


Spy On Me, Baby

Poem by: Victor Graceland
Added: 3/23/2023

You have all the information 
To issue me a citation
You've been watching since my birth
Your eyes are on this earth
I seek a place to be free
But when I hide, you still seek
You're the camera in the sky
You'll be watching when I die
Years from now, they will know
This was all a dog and pony show



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