Turbulent Freedom is Better Than Safe Oppression

Turbulent Freedom is Better Than Safe Oppression

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Whenever I encounter someone who is in favor of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), gun bans, or any government enforced removal or limitation of freedom, their reasoning always has something to do with "safety".

People want to feel safe, and they're willing to trade their freedom to obtain it.

Is wanting safety such a bad thing?

Yes, it is, if that "safety" is at the cost of losing freedom.

When I tell the aforementioned people that freedom is more important than safety, they're obfuscated; they cannot fathom that someone would choose freedom over safety.  

 "But what about terrorists? Don't we need the TSA after 9/11? You really want to take the chance of there being terrorists on an airplane?" These are questions that are often asked. 

Yes, frankly, I would much rather take the chance of there being a terrorist on board than having an agency like the TSA. 

Danger is a reality of life. There are, potentially, things and people that can harm you or even kill you.

We take measures to increase security without trespassing on freedom. We should, indeed, acknowledge risks, take precautions, fortify the ability to defend ourselves and stay vigilant.

We should not, however, allow vigilance to turn into paranoia, panic and fear; fear that results in the allowance of ushering in new laws that compromise our liberties. 

After all, safety is an illusion; a fugazi. Safety is a phantom that resides solely in belief and not objective reality. 

When you trade your freedoms for "safety", you're only giving away your freedoms... for nothing. 


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