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TikTok is a Chinese Superweapon, Says Gurwinder

TikTok is a Chinese Superweapon, Says Gurwinder

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Is the Chinese government using TikTok as a psychological weapon to destroy western capitalism?

Gurwinder, a popular writer exploring ways we are fooled in the Digital Age, says it's possible.

Gurwinder notes that humans have sought subordination through violence and torture for thousands of years. Despots and dictators like Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini have subjugated mass populations by propagating the threat of violence. They backed up their threats by carrying out gruesome acts of brutality.

As our understanding of human psychology has evolved, despots, authoritarians and dictators gravitate to more plausible alternatives.

Instead of utilizing fear and violence to command obedience, why not lure it through pleasure?

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"Pleasure is now a weapon," says Gurwinder, "a way to incapacitate an enemy as surely as does pain. And the first pleasure-weapon of mass destruction may just be a little app on your phone called TikTok."

The idea is that governments seek to debilitate and hypnotize populations through joy and entertainment, making them easier to control or conquer.

Of course, this isn't a new concept. We all remember the Roman poet Juvenal's quote, "give them bread and circuses, and they will never revolt."

TikTok, according to Gurwinder, is the modern-day circus, incapacitating hordes of followers through the social media app, which is now the most downloaded in history.

Through a constant barrage of tailored, hypnotic content, Gurwinder believes the Chinese government may be using TikTok to subdue the American population. His argument is compelling.

It's certainly not outside the realm of possibility. Psychological warfare is not a new concept, and this could be the latest superweapon on the frontlines of an eternal war for control over your mind and body.

Or it could be just a paranoid fantasy.

Either way, our duty is to stay vigilant and recognize any possible attack against us, from foreign or internal sources. Always fight for liberty and freedom. 

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