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Bill Gates Flies Private Jet to Australia to Preach Dangers of Climate Change

Bill Gates Flies Private Jet to Australia to Preach Dangers of Climate Change

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What better way to travel to Australia to preach about Covid and the dangers of climate change than on a fossil-fuel-guzzling Gulfstream N887WM?

If you ask Bill Gates, I'm sure he'll tell you that a luxury private jet is the only way to travel in style. 

Freedom for me and none for thee, I suppose.

Gates is in Australia, among other things, to announce his investment in Aussie start-up Rumin8, which is developing a seaweed-based feed to reduce methane emissions cows produce from their burps and farts.

Great idea! It'll definitely reduce carbon emissions enough to make way for more private jets, right?

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Or perhaps Rumin8 will develop a luxury private jet with seaweed fuel that eco-activist billionaires like Bill Gates can fly on without being a total hypocrite?

You would think that the poster boy for the dangers of climate change would choose travel arrangements that weren't a huge middle finger to environmentalism.

But oh well, at least every average Joe Shmoe isn't flying around on one. I'm sure it would be a crime against humanity if we were flying around on private jets.  

Personally, I don't care how people travel. I would certainly take a private jet if I could. But then again, I'm not wagging my finger at everyone about their carbon footprint and preaching about environmentalism every day.

Practice what you preach, buddy.

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