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No, Libertarianism is Not Just For White Men

No, Libertarianism is Not Just For White Men

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In 2015, Salon published an article entitled, 'Libertarianism is for White Men: The Ugly Truth About the Right's Favorite Movement,' written by Conor Lynch.

A familiar trumpet blast, the article echoes the left's tedious, ongoing attempts to defame the liberty movement the only way it knows how; to pluck anecdotes off the cherry tree and shout racism! to the top of their lungs.

Is this pony ever going to learn some new tricks?

Libertarianism--loudly for the regressive "liberals" in the back--is a political philosophy that declares that self-ownership is immutable, and that individual liberty and the inalienable rights of all human beings are paramount. Libertarianism is the only major political philosophy that, by default, is incompatible with racism.

They'll never listen to us, but we'll keep shaking these babies like a British nanny until it finally sinks in.

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For a regressive leftist, winning the jackpot is the moment they've scrounged together just enough anecdotal evidence to smash the racism button and sound the alarm of social justice. "Rand Paul said something racist in 1982!"

Give me a break. 

To a regressive leftist, the countless efforts of libertarians to expand liberty to marginalized and disenfranchised people over the decades is a fugazi; a fever-induced hallucination unworthy of serious recollection.

The libertarian hostility towards corrupt government has nothing to do with a genuine passion to dismantle tyranny and authoritarianism--oh no, no. To them, it's clear that all our rage against the machine stems from our desire "to preserve [our] dominance in a society where [us white guys] are quickly becoming minorities."


For Conor Lynch and his merry ilk of deliberately misinformed leftists, pedaling the nonsensical idea that the philosophy of libertarianism is just for privileged white men demonstrates their own racism in far greater detail than they had hoped to paint over the liberty movement.

We don't like to throw around the charge of racism very often, but come on, what are they thinking here? Black people can't be libertarians?

Do they think that Black people are incapable of holding the opinion that self-sovereignty and property rights are important? Do they think that Black people are unanimously opposed to the Second Amendment and wish to see their families unarmed and unprotected?

Do they think Black people lack the entrepreneurial spirit and are inherently against free markets and commerce? Black people need socialism and the nanny state, right? Come on, kids, don't you remember Black Wall Street?

And what about women? Oh, libertarianism is just for men, right? That's the second cannon shot from the regressive battalion: sexism. Everything is racist and sexist! (In that order) Well, before you light the fuse, make sure your guns are facing the right direction.

Insisting that libertarianism is wholly incompatible with women undermines the very individuality and independence of women. In fact, there is no other mainstream political philosophy that recognizes the inalienable rights and sovereignty of women more than libertarianism. 

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"Oh," the smug regressive leftist chortles, satisfied that they're about to deliver the knockout punch, "then why are libertarians mostly white and mostly men? Hmmmm?"

Yes, it is true that the libertarian demographic is mostly white and mostly men, but there is nothing within the tenets of the philosophy that directly creates this outcome. There are all kinds of theories of why this is, but sometimes you just have to acknowledge the donkey in the room. The Democrats are to blame.

Revolutionary Malcom X, one of the civil rights movement's most prominent figures, warned the Black community about Democrats back in the 1960s. He likened them to the cunning fox who is deceitful and can easily fool you. While he denounced both Republicans and Democrats, he believed liberal democrats to be more racist than conservatives.

So, why don't more Black people and women subscribe to the individualistic, freedom-loving philosophy of libertarianism?

Because they have been infected by tsunamis of propaganda ushered in by the behemoth complex of liberal orthodoxy, perpetuating the absolute myth that Black people and women need state paternalism and should always remain subservient to big government.

They are used, as insisted by Malcom X, as political footballs in the game of politics. The establishment's power increases the more minority subservience is orchestrated. 

The left's "relationship" with minorities and women is parasitic at best. It won't be long until more and more start realizing that they were targets of very sophisticated manipulation tactics.

These statist weasels have issued countless campaigns of mind warfare against minorities and women for generations, teaching them from very young ages that the only proper course for their liberation is eternal servitude, compliance and obedience to the state.

"You want freedom? It can only come when you see the very shackles of your oppression as the vehicle by which you are liberated."

So-called progressives will never stop their tirade against libertarians, because the liberty movement is the only way that true liberation will be obtained for minorities and women--and all people. That scares the establishment liberals, because they don't want their sheep to wander off the farm.

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