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My Friends Think I'm One of Those Crazy Libertarians, and They Are Absolutely Correct

My Friends Think I'm One of Those Crazy Libertarians, and They Are Absolutely Correct

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"You're a crazy son-of-a-bitch, you know that, right?"

If you're an outspoken libertarian, chances are you've heard this more than once before in your life.

At the height of the pandemic at the end of 2020, when covid vaccinations were first being pushed around the country, I clearly saw that many of my fellow countrymen (and women) were being brain-dead imbeciles.

Naturally, I took to my trusty soapbox to make them aware of this undisputed fact.

All these young, generally healthy people were rushing to take a virtually untested vaccine (or at least not as rigorously tested as real vaccines were) that was being pushed by big pharma for a disease that resembled, for most people, a simple cold or the common flu--and they were calling me crazy for not running as fast as I could to the local CVS to get the jab(s).

From very early on, I maintained that the whole thing was severely blown out of proportion and that I'd be a fucking dead man before I let the government force me to take some experimental drug that probably (almost certainly) does not work. And, of course, that earned me the label of "crazy libertarian". As it did for many others as well... like you, the reader.

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Hey, look, if standing up to defend your sacred, inalienable rights and refusing to allow such egregious injustice to be inflicted upon your body by a tyrannical government makes you a "crazy libertarian", then by all means, I'll happily live as one for the rest of my days. We'll even make stickers we can all wear that say 'Crazy Libertarians for Life!"

And if the Covid madness wasn't enough to make your old friends think you're a crazy libertarian, wait 'til they find out about your stance on gun control.

"So, I hear you're big into the second amendment?" a friend of the family asked me at a party, presumably emboldened by the full moon and the three drops left in her glass of chardonnay.

"You could say that," I replied politely, the image of her Biden-Harris bumper sticker still freshly baked in my mind.

"Those mass shootings are so awful," she declared in a soft, smug tone, "you must at least be against those terrible assault rifles, I hope?"

My patience quickly escaping me, I replied, "Well, ma'am, it's our fundamental right to own those guns, so it's..."

She interrupted me with a new sense of vigor and righteousness, "but those big military style guns? They shouldn't be allowed!"

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"Actually," I confidently responded, "they should be. It's infringing upon your constitutionally protected rights for the government to ban any style of gun. In fact," I went on to say, "when I buy my new house, I plan to install a series of high-powered gatling guns on the rooftop for home defense."

"Oh my," she gasped with a roll of her eyes, "that's just crazy."

Is it really crazy? Perhaps. And the more they learn about you, the crazier they're going to think you are. That's just how we "crazy libertarians" live our lives.

But let's think about this for a minute. Do you know what's really crazy? It's crazy that the concept of individual liberty--such as the right to bodily autonomy and the right to bear arms--are so far removed from the masses that they actually believe that you are crazy when you confess that you endorse those rights; those inalienable rights that were long fought for and preserved by sensible, sane and rational thinking men and women.

So, who's really the crazy one here? We'll let you decide, and if you enjoyed reading this, you may also enjoy reading, 'I have a healthy distrust of authority.'


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