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Is it Time For Me To Start Calling Myself a Libertarian?

Is it Time For Me To Start Calling Myself a Libertarian?

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The last couple of years have been tough for you. The system you put your trust into collapsed before your very eyes. You were lied to. You were deliberately misinformed by so-called qualified experts. The leaders who swore to serve you, your family and the best interest of this nation betrayed you. They took advantage of your trust.

It isn't your fault that you feel this way. Many people do now. You're experiencing what many people have experienced. You're waking up from a coma. You're beginning to see why these crazy libertarians have been fighting against authoritarianism and speaking out against government corruption for years.

Maybe they're on to something? I mean, look at those countries where the government has totalitarian power over the people. Their lives are terrible. They are slaves to the state.

You're starting to realize these crazy libertarians weren't so crazy after all. Perhaps some of what they are saying may be true? Maybe it's time to question the establishment. Maybe it's time to question the American political status quo and the duopoly it has subsequently manufactured.

Do democrats really care about people? Do Republicans? You're starting to not only know the answer to these questions, you're beginning to feel the answers. You can feel it in your gut, in your soul. Something isn't right, is it?

You don't have to agree with everything a libertarian says. In fact, libertarians argue with each other constantly, and that's a good thing--a necessary thing. Debate, discourse, rigorous questioning is what brought you here in the first place.

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This ongoing philosophical and political debate is where all the fun is. It's what keeps most of us here, even when we feel like giving up on libertarianism altogether. Most of us keep finding our way back. The free-spirited nature grips you. Robust conversation is something the Democrats and Republicans just don't celebrate the way freethinkers and libertarians do.

You're a cut above the hoi polloi. You're different. You're qualified. You're intelligent. You're better than being lumped into team red or team blue. You transcend the polarized two-dimensional thinking. 

That's why you're here. Your inquisitive mind sets you on the course for exploration. You embrace your individuality. It's important to you, and that's a good thing.

But it's nice to know, sometimes, that you're not alone. And that's the beauty of the liberty movement. If you're questioning authority--if you're sick and tired of the same old political bullshit--then you have a home among the politically homeless libertarians.

You look into your heart and soul and you feel disgust at the authoritarianism and corruption you see around the world. You're a freedom-loving individual. It makes you sick to see people dominated by the government because freedom and liberty matter to you.

You're a rebel. You're not afraid to stand up against oppression. Neither were the founding fathers of this nation. You're not afraid to question authority. You're not afraid to question yourself and your beliefs. You're not afraid to see new possibilities; to keep learning and growing. You're not afraid to be a human being.

You can call yourself anything you want. Hell, there's no absolute requirement to label yourself at all. But labels exist for a reason. Labels keep people from drinking Windex. It's good to know what you're working with sometimes. If you love freedom and liberty as much as we know you do, then perhaps it's time to start calling yourself a libertarian?

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