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Hunter Biden Countersues Computer Repair Shop Owner

Hunter Biden Countersues Computer Repair Shop Owner

Libertarian Country |

On Friday morning, a 42-page legal filing shows Hunter Biden has filed a countersuit against computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, claiming he had no legal right to obtain and distribute data from his laptop.

In the original suit, the repair shop owner argued Mr. Biden defamed him by claiming that the data was illegally acquired. Mac Isaac insists the store's policy states that computer devices not claimed after 90 days would become the company's property, a document allegedly signed by Mr. Biden.

The countersuit filing argues that Mac Isaac did not have a right to distribute the data, adding, "the object of invading Mr. Biden’s privacy and disseminating his data was not for any legitimate purpose but to cause harm and embarrassment to Mr. Biden."

Politico says, "Friday’s filing comes as Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chair of the House Oversight Committee, prepares an investigation into Biden. The suit is also part of a broader campaign of legal pushback from Biden’s attorneys, warning those involved in publicizing assertions about his laptop computer that they could face unspecified litigation over their claims."

The Justice Department has investigated Hunter Biden's alleged tax offenses and failure to report his drug user status when applying for a handgun in 2008. The Department is in the final stages of deciding if they will bring criminal charges against Hunter Biden.


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