Dollar General Clerk Charged After Shooting, Killing Alleged Robbery Suspect

by Libertarian Country January 04, 2023

Dollar General Clerk Charged After Shooting, Killing Alleged Robbery Suspect


Dollar General Clerk Charged with Manslaughter After Shooting, Killing Alleged Armed Robbery Suspect

(Source: Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office)

Earlier this year on January 3rd, a convenience store clerk in Monroe, Louisiana was arrested for manslaughter after he shot and killed a man who was attempting to rob the Dollar General where he was employed.  

The suspected armed robber was found lying in a pile of money that he had allegedly stolen from the store. He succumbed to the gunshot wounds.  


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The store employee, Rafus Alexandar, claims that he locked the store and left after the incident occurred. He was afraid of retaliation since the same store had been robbed at gunpoint 6 times since August 2022. Alexandar told the arresting officers that he was unaware that he had hit the suspect, that he only shot at him to prevent the robbery.  

Not only should this man have not been arrested, but he should also be hoisted above the shoulders of every good citizen tired of being attacked by criminals and neglected by the police. If this Dollar General store is being robbed at gun point 6 times in less than 6 months, then you can already clearly see that the police are useless to him.  

Alexandar had every right to defend himself and should be absolved of all wrongdoing.  

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