Biden Will Veto Vote to Repeal His Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Biden Will Veto Vote to Repeal His Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

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The White House says Biden will veto a republican-led senate vote to repeal Biden's ridiculous student loan forgiveness plan, which will add about 400 billion dollars to the national debt.

Senator Joe Manchin said, "[Biden's policy] forces hard-working taxpayers who already paid off their loans or did not go to college to shoulder the cost."

Manchin is absolutely correct, but bleeding-heart Democrats favor weak socialist policy over reasonable objection and common sense.

If someone takes out a loan to go to college and get an education that will presumably benefit them greatly, why should taxpayers get the bill?

It's insanity.

Democrats insist that repealing Biden's student loan forgiveness program doesn't make economic sense. But what doesn't make economic sense is the government paying off people's loans.

Libertarians are against bail-outs for big businesses. We're also against the tax-funded bailing out of people who made the conscious decision to take out personal loans as part of their career-building plan to enrich their own lives.

It's bad enough that public K-12 schools are tax-funded. Now we have to pay for a bunch of kids to party at an overpriced daycare center?

It's not our responsibility to pay off other people's student loans. If there's any common sense left in America, Democrats would override this coming veto.

But there isn't any common sense left, so get ready to help pay for everybody's college with your hard-earned money.


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