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  • Who is Thomas Sowell?

    Who is Thomas Sowell?

    Thomas Sowell is an American economist, author, essayist, social theorist, political analyst, scholar, and the Rose & Milton Friedman Senior Fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution.Born on June 30th, 1930, to...

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  • Are Libertarians Against Welfare?

    Are Libertarians Against Welfare?

    Yes, libertarians generally oppose government-run social welfare programs.  Libertarians believe in the voluntary exchange of goods and services. Arbitrary taxation (rather than user fees) and income tax are generally viewed...

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  • Do Libertarians Believe in Charity?

    Do Libertarians Believe in Charity?

    Although charity is not a tenet of libertarianism--meaning an individual is not required to offer donations to be a libertarian--many libertarians endorse charitable giving.Libertarians, for the most part, do not...

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  • What is Cryptocurrency?

    What is Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency, usually called crypto, is any peer-to-peer digital or virtual currency incorporating a decentralized cryptography system to verify transactions and maintain records on an open blockchain ledger.Unlike U.S. money, crypto...

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  • What is Self-Education?

    What is Self-Education?

    Self-education, or autodidacticism, is learning and obtaining knowledge or skill in an informal setting. Reading books--particularly non-fiction books--is a great way to increase your knowledge and understanding without attending college...

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  • What is a Profit Incentive?

    What is a Profit Incentive?

    A profit incentive motivates a business or entrepreneur to bring goods or services to the market and earn money or capital.Famous economist Adam Smith said, "Individual ambition serves the common...

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  • Do Libertarians Support Gun Control?

    Do Libertarians Support Gun Control?

    No, libertarians do not support gun control.Libertarianism is a political philosophy that recognizes the liberty of all people and their inalienable right to defend themselves and be armed.The right to...

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  • Can a Libertarian Be a Republican?

    Can a Libertarian Be a Republican?

    Yes, a libertarian can vote Republican in elections if they choose to. A person may also simultaneously be a libertarian and a republican without contradiction. Republicanism, in its true form,...

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  • Are Libertarians Left or Right?

    Are Libertarians Left or Right?

    Libertarianism transcends the modern view of the left-right political spectrum and cannot be compartmentalized into either side.The origins of the left-right political paradigm refer to seating positions in the 1789...

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  • What is Libertarian Feminism?

    What is Libertarian Feminism?

    Libertarianism is a collection of political philosophies that view individual liberty as a core value. Subscribers of libertarianism--known as libertarians--adhere to virtues and principles centered around sovereignty, autonomy, and the recognition...

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  • Is Christianity Compatible With Libertarianism?

    Is Christianity Compatible With Libertarianism?

    Christianity is a monotheist, Abrahamic religion based on the life, ministry and divine resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, whose adherents--known as Christians--believe is God incarnate and the fulfillment of the...

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  • What is Authoritarianism?

    What is Authoritarianism?

    Authoritarianism is any system of government where power is centralized to one ruler or an oligarchy, a small, elite group of rulers.  Under an authoritarian government, personal liberty is limited...

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