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Why Are People Wearing Masks While Jogging By Themselves Outdoors?

Why Are People Wearing Masks While Jogging By Themselves Outdoors?

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Yesterday was the first decent day of weather we've had in a while where I simultaneously didn't have a ton of other things to do. We decided to go hiking and hit the dog park with our pup. A fantastic way to relieve some of that accumulated stress from the work week. 

While we were hiking, I noticed a few people wearing masks. On a nice day, the trail can be rather crowded so I didn't think much of it at first. I live in Maryland, so it's fairly common to see. 

I don't ever bother anybody for wearing them, but I personally think it's nonsensical to cover up your face when you can be breathing in the crisp winter air in the cascades. To each their own. 

Wearing Masks While Hiking Outdoors

Then as we got back to the park, I noticed a guy jogging by himself wearing a mask. Then, later, another person was too. At this point, we were at a big park, and there were not a whole lot of people remaining. 

The two joggers who had masks on pretty much had the entire paths to themselves. They were 20 minutes apart from each other with no one else nearby.

I suppose they could have some unique reason to be wearing them, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the covid-19 virus. 

Some people are still dedicated to the cause. Maybe they will never give them up? Will there still be die-hard pandemic fans a decade from now who are nostalgic for the time when rigid covid-19 authoritarianism was the norm? They long for the halcyon days of top-down government paternalism and control.  

I have never seen them wearing masks prior to the hype, but at least they're staying true to their newly founded glory. Some will continue to wear them while driving alone and while running alone outside miles away from other people. They may even do it for the remainder of their lives. 

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Some will feverishly stick to their principles even far beyond what the CDC recommends for safety 

In fact, all the reputable scientific literature recommends not wearing them while jogging outdoors. Even during the height of the pandemic, it didn't make sense to take such extreme measures. Wearing a mask while outside jogging alone contravenes the entire logic behind the so-called social distancing... but every individual can take whatever precautions they want for themselves. 

Perhaps The Atlantic was on to something when they said that some Liberals just won't quit the lockdowns. Pretty bad when even the progressive magazines are rippin' on them. 

At any rate, they can suffocate themselves as they see fit. As long as they weren't forced to do it, they can wear as many masks as they want while they jog alone outside in nature. 

If you think they're foolish for still complying now, check out 4 Reasons Why Liberals Should Have Opposed Covid-19 Lockdown Measures. 

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