Supermarket Employee Makes Thousands Selling Worn Underwear

Supermarket Employee Makes Thousands Selling Worn Underwear

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I recently saw this article about a 24-year-old supermarket worker who started selling her used/worn underwear online back in 2019 to raise extra money for vacations and trips she liked to take. According to her interview with Ladbible, she can make upwards of $5,000 a month. 

Glancing through the comments, I noticed that a lot of people were disgusted with the enterprise, rejecting the idea and shaming the young entrepreneur. 

Now, I personally wouldn't purchase used panties off of the internet from a random woman I've never met, but I must correct those who think she is doing something immoral. 

I, on the other hand, applaud her creativity. 

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I always tell young people who say they hate capitalism that they do not have to work their shitty labor jobs forever. You just need to come up with a good side hustle and grow your wealth into something substantial. Capitalism is a good system, nay, the best system, and it pays to be creative. 

Not everyone can sell their underwear online for big money, but the point is, this is the free market at work. Find something you can do to supplement your earnings and grow your assets. You do not have to be just a supermarket employee. 

She has something that somebody wants and is willing to sell to somebody who is prepared to purchase the items for an agreed-upon price. The transaction is mutually beneficial and totally voluntary. You may not like it, but it does not hurt anybody when two consenting adults make a trade like this. 

If she wanted to, Tatiana could save up her earnings and invest them into a vastly lucrative endeavor. If you can sell the panties that you've worn for 5 days in a row to thirsty incels online for a big profit, I support it 100%. I don't have to like it, but as a Libertarian, I fully support their freedom as adults to engage in these consensual business practices.

Well done! 

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