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Am I a Libertarian?

Am I a Libertarian?

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If you're pondering the question, 'am I a libertarian?', then chances are you are one. But one must first explore the tenets of libertarianism to really be sure. 

Congratulations, exploring different philosophies and delving into introspection and self-awareness are critical steps to becoming a wise human being, whether you choose to identify as a libertarian or not.

Beliefs and belief systems are how we shape ourselves and how our civilization evolves overall. Much like the question 'am I a Christian?' or 'am I an Atheist?' is an exploration of spiritual beliefs, the ponderance 'am I a Libertarian?' can lead you on your path to forming concrete political beliefs. Both are very important. 

Strong, principled beliefs, whatever they may be, are the mark of integrity and honor. It is better to be true and hated than it is to be false and loved by all. So such a quest to discover ones true beliefs is a milestone, an achievement.

So, are you a libertarian?

The first thing to understand is that an individual does not need to subscribe to every idea or notion that popular libertarians tout. In essence, that is conforming with non-conformity. Rather, you must ask yourself what is at the core of your belief.

Is individual freedom for all people something you feel you inherently value? If you hear something you find repulsive, is your immediate reaction to wish that the person had their mic cut? Would you side with the government or an angry mob of people rushing to silence them? Or does the mere thought of a horde of people physically stopping someone from talking--even though what they are saying is vile and repulsive--make you sick with rage?

If the thought of an angry mob duct taping someone's mouth shut so they can't speak is something that delights you, then you are probably not a libertarian at heart. If you do feel that level of disgust burning inside of you when you think about those people forcing someone else quiet, then you probably are a libertarian at heart. 

Liberty is the basis of libertarianism-- not just wanting liberty for yourself, but for others as well. The intricate philosophies that comprise the libertarian ethos will be learned over time as you evolve and sharpen your thinking. The core is what matters most when deciding if you are a libertarian or not. And at the core must be a yearning for liberty for all.

If you still want more, read these questions and pick the best answer for each.


1.) You see someone smoking marijuana, do you...
A.) Mind your own business and go about your day.
B.) Call the police immediately!


2.) A gun shop opens in your neighborhood
A.) Private business is a good thing, I hope they do well.
B.) Petition the government to ban their shop and ban guns too!


3.) Two men are holding hands in a park
A.) None of my business
B.) Call the County Council, there should be laws against this!


4.) A college kid is handing out poorly xeroxed communist newsletters
A.) The marketplace of ideas must always remain free and open
B.) Beat him up!


5.) The government forces businesses and churches closed for a new pandemic
A.) Resist to the best of my ability and stand in solidarity with others resisting
B.) Good! Government knows best!


If you answered response A to all 5 of these questions, then you are well on your way to being a libertarian!