21 Of The Dumbest Laws in America

21 Of The Dumbest Laws in America

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Every time another absurd legislation is presented, Libertarians go on the defensive. We're nice and relaxed people with no axes to grind until someone tries to threaten our way of life. 

Statists, immediately after we retaliate against any stupid proposed new bills, will claim that we are imagining the worse. We're paranoid, delusional, and just making things up to get angry about. 

Perhaps we come across as a bit defensive, but really, why shouldn't we be? We're porcupines. You find out only when you fuck around

In reality, it should not surprise you that we are on guard 24/7 against tyrants trying to meddle in our affairs. To be fair, in our defense, the government has written down some ridiculously stupid laws.


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So do not act like we're just flying off the rails without good cause as if the government is some entity of sophisticated and sound reason. 

To illustrate the point further, let's take a look at 21 (yes, there are thousands more) of the dumbest laws in America. 

And you decide if it is worth trusting your government or not: 


  1.  Don't try to send a friend a pizza in Louisiana 
  2.  Don't try to buy alcohol at the grocery stores in Maryland. 
  3.  Don't wear fake mustaches in Alabama
  4.  Don't talk behind someone's back in Indiana 
  5.  Don't show an R-rated movie at a drive-in theater in Delaware
  6.  Don't keep your Christmas decorations up after January 14th in Maine
  7.  Don't try to knit a sweater during hunting season in New Jersey
  8.  Don't try to sell your eye in Texas
  9.  Don't try to eat vegan butter in prison in Wisconsin
  10.  Don't try to take a picture of a rabbit in Wyoming 
  11.  Don't try to avoid drinking milk in Utah
  12.  Don't try to go trick-or-treating on Halloween in Virginia 
  13.  Don't tell a psychic where to look for buried treasure in Pennsylvania 
  14.  Don't try to wrestle a bear in Oklahoma 
  15.  Don't try to wear slippers after 10pm in New York
  16.  Don't try to wear a tank top in a public park in Maryland
  17.  Don't try to pass another train on the track in Kansas 
  18.  Don't try to put an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sunday in Georgia 
  19.  Don't try to sell pickles in Connecticut unless they bounce.
  20.  Don't try to get drunk in any bar in Alaska 
  21.  Don't cry on the witness stand in California 


Now, if you're a normie, tell us how you feel about these idiotic laws. The confounded feeling you're experiencing is what we libertarians go through with the majority of the laws on the books. 

If there is no victim, there is no crime! 

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