Zombie Voter Political Cartoon

Masked Zombie Voter Political Cartoon

This artistic political libertarian cartoon is pure satire. With a tattered American flag still wrapped around his decaying face, the zombie voter awaits his 34th booster shot to protect him from the Covid pandemic.

"I voted" the sticker on his forehead reads. It's important to vote, right? When we put our trust in the two-party system, we're pledging allegiance against independence and individuality. The politicians don't care about us, and they never will.

When the government starts issuing medical advice, run to the hills. They'll stick an experimental vaccine up your ass so hard it'll make your eyeball fall out of its socket. 

So many people trusted the CDC and the state, they didn't even question what they were pumping into their body. Never mind that it was just a cold that, in the grand scheme of things, didn't kill a significant number of people. 

Sure, it sucks that anyone has to die from an illness or disease, but that's life in the big city. We can't live our lives in fear and panic, and we certainly can't trust the government when they tell us they have cures for the viruses they don't even fully understand.

The real travesty is that we've allowed ourselves to become sheep; zombies who will do whatever the media tells us to do. Moreover, the damage caused to the economy and the sanity of American citizens was far worse than any cold.

Don't be a zombie voter. Think critically and, more importantly, think for yourself. Whatever the cost. Obedience is not patriotism, and doing what you're told can get you in more trouble than defiance to authority and tyranny.

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