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Executive Affiliate Plan


Libertarian Country's Executive Affiliate Plan

Welcome to Libertarian Country's Executive Affiliate Plan. You've been invited to this plan as a Top Rated Platinum Affiliate and we would like to offer you a partnership opportunity. 

What is the Executive Plan?

The Executive Plan is an exclusive partnership plan that offers top affiliates an amazing opportunity to work directly with us, earn a higher commission and experience added benefits as well.

Below we will cover the benefits and responsibilities of the affiliate as an Executive member. 


With great reward comes great responsibility. Executive Affiliates will work exclusively with Libertarian Country and receive a more generous benefits package.  

Executive Affiliates:

  • Must promote Libertarian Country as their sole apparel company.
  • Must NOT promote our competitors, including their own clothing lines, through any social media platform or website.
  • Must add the 'Libertarian Country' insignia/logo to all future promoted photos. 
  • Must actively promote Libertarian Country
  • Must rigorously uphold the image and branding of Libertarian Country as our partner.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in reduction in plan or termination from the affiliate program.



The benefits of becoming an Executive Affiliate are numerous. You will enjoy VIP treatment as well as a noticeable increase in commission revenue. 

Executive Affiliates:

  • Will receive a custom commission based on sales performance.
  • Will receive a 90 day cookies duration for conversions
  • Will receive 1 Bonus monthly newsletter, sent by Libertarian Country, to our mailing list recipients (currently over 5000) containing links to your affiliate URL.
  • Will receive periodic Cash Bonuses, of an undisclosed amount, when performance exceeds optimal levels.
  • Will receive a mutual promotion effort (Libertarian Country will share your blogs, videos, promos, FB Pages, etc. across our social media outlets.) 
  • (Optional) Will be featured on our printed promotional flyers.
  • (Optional) Will be featured in our advertising campaigns
  • (Optional) Will be featured in Reason Magazine (printed edition) 
  • (Optional) May sell a limited number of products with their designs through our website, including self-promotional items.  


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