The Difference Between Premium and Heavy Cotton Shirts

The Difference Between Premium and Heavy Cotton Shirts

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Customers are sometimes curious about the difference between our Premium Shirts and our Heavy Cotton Tees

Here, we will explain the difference to help give you a better understanding of the fabric quality, fit type and price difference so that you can make a knowledgeable purchase.


Premium Shirts

Our premium shirts are made with combed and ring spun cotton, which is a superior fabric type compared to traditional heavy cotton shirts made with carded, open end yarn. (see graph below)

The innovative process of using ring frames to spin cotton creates a smoother, more durable fabric. While the fabric of a premium shirt feels thinner and less durable than traditional 100% cotton shirts, they are actually stronger. 

The cotton in our Premium Shirt has also been airlumed combed, meaning its stripped of impurities, resulting in a much higher quality shirt.

The combed and ring-spinning process results in a premium fabric, which is why our premium shirts are priced higher than our heavy cotton shirts. 

Learn more about the ring-spinning process. 


Know Your Clothes: What is Ringspun Cotton? | Grailed  

The thread count on our premium shirts is also higher than a heavy cotton tee, adding to its durability. The stitching on our premium shirt is superior to heavy cotton tees as well. Our premium shirts have side seams (opposed to traditional heavy cotton tees that have tubular construction) which is the gold standard for "fashion fit" apparel.

Many of our customers prefer our Premium Shirts because they are buttery soft, lighter yet durable and have a retail fashion fit. A "fashion fit" refers to how the shirt forms around the body. Premium shirts are designed to fit the contour of the body, giving a more natural, defined, form-fitted look.

(Customers usually buy a size up if they want a more relaxed fit with our premium shirts)

Because the fabric is superior, the print quality of the design is better too--the ink has a smoother surface to lay on. This allows for a longer life of the print, and the shirt itself. Our premium shirts are an excellent choice for people seeking superior comfort and style.


Premium Shirts

  • 100% Combed & Ringspun Cotton
  • Heather Colors Contain Polyester
  • Buttery Soft Material
  • Side-Seamed, Fashion Fit
  • Superior Quality DTG Print
  • Durable, High Thread Count
  • Eco-Friendly, Sweatshop Free

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    The difference between heavy cotton and premium shirts 

    Heavy Cotton Tees

    While our premium shirts have soared in popularity, many people prefer a traditional "concert style" t-shirt that is heavier and has a classic fit.

    Libertarian Country offers both styles of T-Shirts because we want all of our customers to have options and be satisfied with their purchase.

    Heavy Cotton tees are great quality and time-tested shirts. If you like the t-shirt you bought at a rock concert in the 80s or 90s, you'll love our line of Heavy Cotton tees. 

    Many people prefer heavy cotton tees because they are heavier, thicker and feel stronger. These shirts are great for work, play and everyday use.

    Heavy Cotton tees have a more relaxed fit. They are not as contoured as the premium shirts, and give the wearer a bit more space to move around in. If you don't like your shirts to feel thin or hug your body too much, then Heavy Cotton tees may be right for you.

    Because the cotton-spinning methods for traditional heavy cotton tees are standard and less complex than ring-spun, the fabric is less expensive, resulting in a more economical t-shirt. Our heavy cotton tees are a great choice for people who love regular fitting t-shirts and don't want to pay too much for their tees.


    Heavy Cotton Tees

  • Gildan Heavy Cotton
  • 100% Cotton (Heather Colors Contain Polyester)
  • Preshrunk
  • Heavy 5.3 oz Cotton
  • Classic Fit
  • Premium Quality DTG Print
  • Durable, Tubular Construction
  • Eco-Friendly, Sweatshop Free

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    Whether you like your shirts smooth and fitted or thicker and more relaxed, Libertarian Country has the right shirt for you! 

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