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Trump Says He Expects To Be Arrested On Tuesday

Trump Says He Expects To Be Arrested On Tuesday

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Former President Donald Trump said in a social media post that he expects to be arrested in connection with an investigation led by the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg. 

Referring to himself, Trump said, "the leading Republican candidate and former president of the United States will be arrested on Tuesday of Next Week."

The date in question will be Tuesday, March 21st, 2023. 

Meetings continued throughout the week among city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in NYC about preparing logistics surrounding the possible indictment of Trump for allegedly being connected to a hush-money scheme involving Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress. 

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While Trump did not expound upon why he believes he is going to be arrested in the post, he has urged his supporters to "protest and take the country back" against his own adviser's recommendation, citing possible blowback from the January 6th incident in 2021. 

A spokesperson for Trump said on Saturday that his legal team had not received an official notification from the District Attorney's office regarding the indictment, but that they have been preparing for potential legal battles in the coming weeks. 

Another witness in the Stormy Daniels case is prepared to testify before a grand jury on Monday, the day before Trump claims that he will be arrested, although it isn't clear that their testimony would be the final steps prior to voting on indictment. 

Trump's defense team has stated that they will not accept an invitation for Trump to appear before the grand jury, but that if there is an indictment, they would negotiate a surrender date to which he would be voluntarily arrested. 

If he were to be arrested, Trump's US Secret Service team would escort him to the Manhattan district attorney's office for photographs and fingerprinting, upon which he will likely be released on his own recognizance. 

New York City law enforcement is preparing for possible demonstrations from both supporters and counter-protestors, citing a potential for violent clashes between the two groups. 

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