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Trump Fans Going All In For DeSantis

Trump Fans Going All In For DeSantis

Libertarian Country |

Ron DeSantis is on a nationwide book tour promoting his new autobiography, The Courage to be Free.

Many believe DeSantis's book tour is the calm before the storm, the teaser to his announcement for a presidential run. And many Trump fans would relish in the news.

Last week in Jacksonville Beach, Florida residents outside a Books-A-Million store lined up to support DeSantis. According to Politico reporter Gary Fineout, the tone was clear: they want DeSantis, even if he runs against Trump.

According to the report, many former Trump fans are going all in for DeSantis, remarking that Trump's wild and vainglorious behavior is yesterday's circus show. They're tired of his antics and want a "sensible leader" to move the country in the right direction.

Of course, some republicans wonder how DeSantis would handle Putin and his war in Ukraine. (Better than Biden, I'm sure?) Many said that Putin plotted his moment, waiting for Trump to leave office before he struck. Would Putin respond more favorably to Trump or DeSantis? Who knows.

According to NPR, polls of potential nominees show DeSantis high in the running, often surpassing Donald Trump. If he runs for president, die-hard Trump fans must choose between their former allegiance or hailing their new messiah.

I think Trump has been out of the limelight for a while now. His supporters seem considerably less hypnotized by his flare and gestures of grandeur. It would be no surprise if DeSantis beat out Trump in a presidential run.


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