• The Covid Madness Needs to End Right Now

January 04, 2022

After almost 2 years of lockdowns, mask mandates, business closures, vaccine mandates and economic turmoil, many Americans--and much of the world--are ready to see an end to the covid madness.

But old habits seem to be dying hard. Many cities, states and local governments are reinstalling mask mandates and other requirements, and the media continues to push the Covid hysteria.

Normal life has to return at some point. Mandates, social distancing, shutdowns and the mentality that everyone is "infected" before proven healthy is not a sustainable way to live.

There has to come a realization that these viruses aren't going to go away, and that we need to learn how to accept it, and keep on living our lives even if we are at risk of a danger.

Danger is a part of life. We all learned this at a young age. But we didn't refuse to live our lives because this danger was present. No, we went on living anyway.

The Covid 19 madness must come to an end. And the time is now. No more mandates, no more government control. Let's all get into the mentality that this has to be over with right now.

Remember what life was like before the pandemic and let's readjust our minds to live in that fashion; to freely travel, to do what we want, to experience life together again. We have to set our minds free from this madness, and call our brothers and sisters home, back to reality.

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