• 'Science News Magazine' Caught Pushing Political Propaganda

February 03, 2019

'Science News Magazine' Caught Pushing Political Propaganda

Science News Magazine recently published an article suggesting that bullying has risen in areas that favored Republican Donald J. Trump.

Libertarian Country is pro science and does not endorse Trump, so why would we care if the publication, which has been in print since 1922, are now pushing obvious anti-Trump propaganda?

In order for science to have credibility, it must always remain objective. Even in political science, the observer must remain neutral and unbiased in their findings. 

Surely 'Science News Magazine' (article published in Science News for Students) would base their political science studies on concrete data?

There are some key excerpts to note from the article:

"The study is based on surveys of more than 155,000 seventh- and eighth-graders in Virginia."

Seventh and eighth graders are usually pretty reliable, right?

"Although his data come from only one state, he thinks the trend they saw “certainly would apply” to the rest of the United States." 

It's okay folks, no need for more data, psychologist Dewey Cornell thinks it "certainly would apply" to the rest of the country. 

"The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has surveyed more than 2,500 educators. Many said that bullying echoed slogans and rallying cries from the election."

Although the "SPLC survey was not a representative sample", Science News thought it would throw that in for effect anyway?

All this data is attempting to conclude that bullying has gone up because of Trump. But correlation doesn't equal causation, right?

Science News Magazine covered their tracks, by essentially admitting the article was propaganda. 

"The new findings are correlations. They link events but don’t establish that one caused another. Still, the findings raise questions"

So there's no actual science here and the publication admitted that to be the case... so what's with their article's title 'School bullying has risen in areas that supported Trump'?


Read the article for yourself and make your own opinions, but clearly, to us, this is political propaganda.

So what's the big deal, right? Political propaganda is everywhere, why is it different if 'Science News Magazine' pushes it?

It would not be surprising to read an article, like the one published by Science News for Students, from Huffington Post-- or on the flip side of that coin from any conservative publication targeting Democrats. 

But this is supposed to be a Science Magazine. We need science to be objective, rational, fact-based and bereft of spin, propaganda and bias. 

We need science to be SCIENCE.

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