Jingle Bells is Not Racist, Relax

Jingle Bells is Not Racist, Relax

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Theater professor Kyna Hamill has made headlines recently for her controversial study on the song 'Jingle Bells' and its alleged roots in racism.

While Jingle Bells may be simplistic and lacking in the symphonic complexity that I typically demand from music, it is nevertheless a holiday favorite, and by no means 'racist' in itself.

We all know by now that regressive liberals and leftists love to find things that conservatives value and attempt to somehow link it with racism, seemingly in the effort to destroy it...

...but rest assured, Jingle Bells will continue to endure throughout the ages.

Hamill may very well be guilty of virtue signaling and living up to the liberal expectation to find racism in everything with her article, but in fairness she did clarify:

“I never said it was racist now,” said the professor. “Nowhere did I say that." according to an email correspondence between her and the Boston Herald. 

Hamill continued “I did not write the article to make people upset. At no point have I ever made a claim on what people should or should not sing at Christmas.”

Fox News and other conservative outlets took the Hamill article and simply used it to rile people up before Christmas. 

Clever, and humorous, but it doesn't really carry any weight and it's all kind of silly really. 

Jingle Bells isn't racist, so go ahead and get your holiday caroling on and sing it guilt free this year... just be sure to skip my house, unless you're bringing the Trans Siberian Orchestra ;)


`Merry Christmas

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