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Even If Covid Killed Me, I Still Wouldn't Support Vaccine Mandates

Even If Covid Killed Me, I Still Wouldn't Support Vaccine Mandates

Libertarian Country |

Somewhere, a statist bootlicker is reading a news article--about an outspoken critic of mandated Covid vaccinations dying from the virus--and they're reveling with delight.

"See," the bootlicker cries out, overwhelmed with satisfaction, "this is why we have vaccine mandates! You should've done what you were told! Ha!"

Sure, not every statist bootlicker is going to laugh when a critic of Covid vaccine mandates dies from the virus, but let's be clear; many are viewing these particular deaths as a victory for their cause. The more deaths, the more statistical leverage they have to invoke the government to implement force.

Those of us who refuse to take their vaccine--and those who are against the mandates--must then declare that we accept the risk of personal injury, and will not be proxy martyrs to their cause, should we succumb to the virus.

I have employed sensible and cautious navigation throughout my entire life, but never have I allowed fear--especially irrational fear--to dismantle my pursuit of living. Choice matters. Freedom matters. No amount of fear mongering, no amount of actual or perceived risk or media sensationalism should justify the erosion of our liberty.

So, if ever I should succumb to the Covid-19 virus, I will posthumously denounce these vile and tyrannical vaccine mandates! 



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