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The Knowledge Bank

  • What is Self-Education?

    What is Self-Education?

    Self-education, or autodidacticism, is learning and obtaining knowledge or skill in an informal setting. Reading books--particularly non-fiction books--is a great way to increase your knowledge and understanding without attending college...

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  • What is The Non-Aggression Principle?

    What is The Non-Aggression Principle?

    The Non-Aggression Principle--or simply The NAP-- is an axiom endorsed by libertarianism. Libertarians believe that utilizing force against others without provocation or reasonable cause (such as in self-defense) violates the...

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  • What is Self-Ownership?

    What is Self-Ownership?

    Self-ownership is the philosophical idea and social outlook that human beings maintain exclusive ownership of themselves, espoused by individualism-based political ideologies such as libertarianism. Libertarians believe that self-ownership is immutable...

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