Libertarians Are Not Just Republicans Who Smoke Weed

Libertarians Are Not Just Republicans Who Smoke Weed

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There's a popular sentiment that traverses the web in political circles that never gets old.

Failing to make a meaningful distinction, some will often regurgitate a false albeit hilarious assertion that Libertarians are just Republicans who smoke pot. This is simply not true. 

We Libertarians also like to gamble and rent prostitutes

All joking aside, there are critical differences between Libertarians and Republicans (and Democrats) that disqualify this popular idea that we're just Republicans who smoke weed. What's more, there are some who hold the erroneous idea that Libertarians are actually just Democrats. 

While a Libertarian can vote in any election however they wish, both assertions are still absurd. 

Let's go ahead and dispel this myth and see why Libertarians are much different than Democrats and Republicans. 

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Libertarians are Principled 

One of the most distinguishing features of a Libertarian when comparing them to Democrats and Republicans is the fact that they are principled in their philosophies.

While both Democrats and Republicans each have some hardline issues that dominate their parties (such as abortion or gun rights), they lack any substantial fundamental philosophies that concretely justify their positions. 

A Democrat may support abortion using the same internal logic as the Republican who supports voluntary vaccination, but they fail to extend the logic to other issues when the use of that argument is no longer convenient. They do so with the staggering ability to ignore irony as they jump around from topic to topic with a seemingly arbitrary set of rules for each.   

A Libertarian, on the other hand, will apply their principles to every issue. It doesn't matter what their personal feelings dictate. They believe that people have individual freedom, and even if they do not like something personally, they will not try to initiate force against anyone to prohibit them in any way. 

Democrats and Republicans support or reject certain issues based on emotion, tradition, identity or to simply appease their constituencies. Libertarians are the only ones with a clearly defined set of ethical principles.


Libertarians May Support The Same Issues, But For Different Reasons

There are some issues where Libertarians will find themselves supporting the same causes as either Democrats or Republicans. While Libertarians do support women's liberation, LGBTQ, and the legalization of marijuana, for example, they are indeed not Democrats.

Likewise, while Libertarians support gun rights, free market economics, and private property rights, they are certainly not Republicans. 


Libertarians may ultimately come up with the same answers as Republicans or Democrats, but when they show their work, you'll see that Libertarians have an ideological consistency that makes their reasoning unassailable: individual liberty.  

For example, a Democrat may support women's liberation for a myriad of reasons. They may be opposed to the patriarchy, they may be misandrists, or they may feel that women are oppressed and ironically need more paternalism and bondage in order to "level the playing field" against a male dominated society. 

A Libertarian also supports women's liberation but without any invocation of positive rights or benefits from the government. A Libertarian believes in personal freedom for all individuals, and that includes supporting a woman's right to make her own decisions and live her life as she sees fit regardless of societal or governmental privileges or obligations. 

So, just because a Libertarian and Democrat might agree on a topic, doesn't mean the Democrat's reasoning holds any merit.  

Society has become so consumed in the belief that certain issues belong to one party or the other that they will become very confused when freethinking people scramble their predetermined expectations. 

This is why a Libertarian will be derisively called a Republican or Democrat sometimes in the same day. Some people cannot fathom a world where an individual doesn't fit neatly into one of two groups.

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Libertarians Are Fiscally Conservative & Socially Whatever They Want To Be

The old saying that Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal is true, but we need to elucidate. The idea that Libertarians are socially liberal simply means that they do not care what personal lifestyle you choose as long as you adhere to a simple philosophy: Don't hurt people and don't take their stuff

With all the culture war nonsense going on, it's easy to get lost in an tidal wave of bullshit with a mere skiff of tempered reason to keep you afloat. Some groups are hellbent on identity. That's all that matters to them. It comes across as being very much like tribalism rather than an enlightened, modern sense of self. 

As we pointed out in the Pros and Cons of Being a Libertarian, you get to be anything you want as long as you do not infringe upon other people's rights to express themselves as they see fit.

Libertarians do not care what you look like, what you wear, what music or movies you like, what beer or food you like, or if you're religious or atheist, etc. 

You have the freedom to associate with whoever you want. A Libertarian will always respect a person's right to choose any style they wish and never utilize aggression to restrict that right. All they ask is that respect is reciprocated.   


Libertarians Seek to Minimize Government Interference

Lastly, where Libertarians really stand out is their plot to take over the world and leave you alone. While it is fairly common for people to call out Democrats for being all about big government, some noteworthy Republicans in the past have piggybacked on Libertarian philosophies while simultaneously expanding the size and scope and government. 

Despite their reputation for wanting a small government, Republicans have passed or supported obscene regulations that have immensely violated the rights and privacy of the individual such as The War on Drugs, The Patriot Act, and a police and surveillance state. They have also cost the taxpayers billions of dollars unjustly by supporting unconstitutional endeavors such as The War on Terror. 

Meanwhile, the Libertarian has always supported the individual. There isn't one issue where the Libertarian supports liberty and another where they want abject authoritarianism. Only Republicans and Democrats engage in such lofty idealism.

A Libertarian is ideologically consistent, principled and dedicated to supporting all of your freedoms all of the time! 

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