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Keeping a Gun in The Bathroom is a Great Idea

Keeping a Gun in The Bathroom is a Great Idea

Libertarian Country |

Keeping a gun in the bathroom while you shower is a great idea.

I know anti-gun liberals think we're just paranoid gun nuts, but have you seen our world?

Imagine being home alone, taking a hot shower after a long day of work. All you want to do is relax and have some peaceful quiet time. To your surprise, you hear the door kick in, and three burglars enter your home.

What are you going to do?

You're naked, vulnerable and virtually defenseless if you don't have a weapon. Your phone might also be in the other room, so you can't even call for help.

If you're lucky, they'll grab a few things and bolt. But what if they're psychopathic maniacs who want to rape or kill you? You have a strange fight on your hand that you will most likely lose. It'll only be a matter of seconds before they kick the bathroom door down.

Now imagine if you had a pistol stowed away in your bathroom cabinet. Your chance of survival has dramatically increased.

What will the three men who broke into your home see? They'll see a soaking wet naked guy charging out of the bathroom toward them, screaming and brandishing a firearm.

Scattering and running for dear life, they will take something with them more precious than anything they could have stolen from your house. They will have the memory of a fat wet naked guy bursting out of his bathroom and shooting at them.

Not only will they never attempt to rob your house again, but they also might never try to rob anyone's house again. The image will be burned into their minds for the rest of their lives. Keeping a gun in your bathroom may indirectly keep many people safe in your neighborhood.

If you're a woman who lives alone, it's essential to be armed and ready to fight back. Predators will seek you out and hunt you down. They know you're living alone, and they're waiting for their opportunity to strike.

Our advice isn't fear-mongering, it's passing on valuable information. It happens. Don't let it happen to you. It's a crazy world out there, and you must do whatever you can to protect yourself.


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