High Intensity Interval Training After Weight Lifting

High Intensity Interval Training After Weight Lifting

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If you've been immersed in gym culture for a while, you've probably heard the term cardio finisher.

A cardio finisher is when a person adds a short cardio session after their resistance training or weight-lifting regimen.

There are various opinions on why you should or shouldn't mix cardio and resistance training, but I swear by it. Adding a short, high-intensity interval training drill after your workout is fantastic.

Adding HIIT after weight lifting wakes me up more than slamming two cups of coffee and a shot of espresso. I feel alive and ready to face the day. I feel groggy when I skip the cardio finisher, and DOMs set in faster.

I've also noticed a slight increase in weight loss at the end of the week whenever I incorporate high-intensity interval training. Other factors may contribute to this, and it's not a scientific study, but I can generally tell the difference.

I do resistance training five times per week. After each weight-lifting session, I do a simple 15-minute high-intensity run on the treadmill at my gym. I walk for one minute, followed by running for one minute at intervals of 6mph, 7mph, 8mph, 9mph, 8mph, 7mph, 6mph.

I don't add the cardio finisher to lose weight (even though it does seem to work). For me, it's all about how it makes me feel after the workout.

My workday is primarily sedentary, sitting at a desk with my face in a computer all day. Adding high-intensity cardio exercises whenever I can allows my body to loosen up and feel more elastic. Sitting too long can make me feel like the Tinman without his oil can.

My mood has improved, my flexibility has increased, my strength increased, my blood pressure has gone down, I can run faster, and I recover more quickly from workouts--all thanks to adding high-intensity interval training to the end of my workout.

I can't say that adding HIIT to your workout will give you the same results, but I encourage you to try it and see what happens. You may experience even greater results than I have.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Consult your doctor before starting a new diet or workout program.


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