A Simple Breathing Technique to Lower Stress

A Simple Breathing Technique to Lower Stress

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We here at Libertarian Country often discuss the importance of managing stress as naturally as possible. Always consult with your healthcare provider before stopping or suspending any medication. 

The world can bring you down, and unchecked stress will lead to chronic inflammation that is responsible for some of the most deadly health problems in the west. 

There are a variety of things you can do to help lower stress such as eating a whole-food diet and avoiding drugs and alcohol, but today we just want to focus on one thing: a simple breathing exercise. 

This exercise can be performed anywhere whether you are standing or sitting, or laying down. As long as you are not doing anything else (talking, eating, drinking, etc) you should be able to execute this breathing technique without much effort. 

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It is a marvel to behold how simply being mindful of your breathing can influence the physical aspects of your body. By controlling your breathing pattern, you can remove yourself from the fight-or-flight instinct and stress will literally begin escaping the body. 

So here's how we do it: 

1st Step:  Inhale slowly for 5 seconds. 

2nd Step: Hold your breath for 3 seconds. 

3rd Step: Exhale slowly for 5 seconds. 

That's it. A simple technique that can do wonders. If you cannot inhale for 5 seconds, you can do 3 or 4 seconds. It will work the same. The overall point of the exercise is to inhale and exhale at the same rate. You can even omit the part where you hold your breath for 3 seconds and it will help as well. 

Repeat the steps for 10 - 15 intervals. 

You will feel more relaxed and notice that the tension in your body is less severe than it was. You can do this exercise a few times a day but definitely try it right before you go to bed. 

A little bit of stress is normal throughout the day, especially if you are exercising, but excessive stress must be acknowledged if you wish to enjoy a healthy life. May peace and gratitude follow you throughout your week!

If you feel you've benefited from this exercise, check out 6 Ways to Overcome Politically Induced Stress. 

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