Taxation is Theft Premium Dual Blend T-Shirt

Taxation is Theft Premium Dual Blend T-Shirt

Regardless of how Progressives and Statists attempt to rationalize a compulsory taxation system, it is, in actual reality, theft by force. Taxes are not a payment for a service, it is a criminal activity against the individual that undermines the entire premise of freedom and sovereignty: consent.

As Spooner and Rothbard pointed out, any maundering group of criminals need only declare themselves as a government in order to justify taking from individuals who have not offered their conscious consent to relinquish their property. Taxation is deception guarded by a monopoly of brute force. With this awesome shirt you can remind those left in our society still thinking clearly that they are not willing taxpayers, they are victims of theft. 


  • Premium Bella + Canvas
  • Buttery Smooth Soft Style Tee
  • Unisex
  • Dual Blend
  • 90% Combed and Ringspun Cotton/ 10% Polyester
  • 4.2 oz Cotton
  • 30 Singles
  • Side Seamed for Maximum Comfort
  • High End Retail Fashion Fit
  • Shoulder Taping/Fitted Bicep
  • Heathered
  • Professionally Screen Printed




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