Bastiat Broken Window Fallacy Magnet

The 'Broken Window Fallacy', in economics, disproves the myth that destruction of property is beneficial to the economy. Traditionally it was thought that if a shopkeeper's windows were vandalized, it would stimulate the economy by means of, essentially, forcing them to buy a new window. While it's true that this would be business for the window glazier, the money spent on the window would have gone to another purchase (such as awesome Libertarian T-Shirts). There was nothing "added" to the economy, the X amount of money was simply diverted from one area to another. This analogy was written by French economist Frederic Bastiat.    
    •  3.125" X 2.125"
    • Strong Metal Souvenir Magnet
    • High Quality Laminated Finish
    • 300 DPI Resolution

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