Wholesale Information for Libertarian Country

Great news! Libertarian Country does offer wholesale options for brick-and-mortar retail stores. (We currently do not wholesale to exclusively online stores.) 

Own a bookstore? A gun shop? A record store? Want to carry awesome, popular Libertarian T-Shirts in your store? Then keep reading...

Why Buy from Libertarian Country?

Libertarian Country is one of the largest and top-rated Libertarian clothing stores online. With our diverse advertising we are able to put our products in front of a large audience of individuals. 

This is beneficial to the re-seller as these products become in high demand as a result of our advertising. Your customers may very well have seen our ads online and weren't ready to make that purchase yet (some people just don't buy online) but want to buy the product.

If they are more likely to buy it in person and they see the item in your store, you're more likely to acquire the sale. 

Requirements to become a Re-Seller

You will need to have a verifiable EIN (Photocopy of your resale license is required)

You will need to have a physical storefront (Brick-and-mortar stores may sell our products online, but we currently do not wholesale to exclusively online stores.)

Branding may not be altered (This means that we do not allow re-sellers to sell our products as their own... For example, resellers would be required to list products as "T-shirt by Libertarian Country".)


The major benefit to working with Libertarian Country is the pricing schedule. Since we produce 90% of our products in-house at our facility, we are able to pass on low pricing to our customers and wholesalers.

Contact us for more information about our pricing schedule.

Suggested Retail

Apparel and accessories have a market value. This value has a low-to-high range in retail. Currently the retail price we charge for our products online are considered on the low end of mid-range by industry standards. 

Our suggested retail price for re-sellers is at least 1$ more than what we charge online and no more than top-end retail (Which can be found on our website in each product.)

So the minimum you would charge for this Tee (size small) in your store would be 16$ and the maximum would be $22.95.

Please note: There are different costs and retail values for 2XL and 3XL

Products Available & Turn Time

We have on-site screen printing so all of our screen printed material is available at an unlimited quantity.

Generally orders that are comprised of only screen printed garments have a faster turn time than orders with out-sourced inventory (such as bumper stickers) but we work quickly to make sure every wholesale order is delivered in a timely fashion.

Currently all of our products are available for wholesale but this is subject to change depending on the availability of new products and product type.

The general turn time for large wholesale orders is between 1-2 weeks. We will contact you with an estimated time arrival (ETA) for large orders that may exceed 2 weeks.   

For more information please contact us and let us know you're interested!