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Pro-Gun Tees



In our last entry, we expressed the need to wear our libertarian t-shirts in public. With anti-gun legislation becoming more popular, and people demanding that gun rights and the second amendment be abolished, it's increasingly more imperative that we arm our minds as well as our homes. 

We need to stay current in the struggle. Not only do I read pro-gun publications from great groups like as Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. We also actively engage people with our ideas. 

Yes, we live in the blue state of Maryland, but just because people are democrats does not mean that they are immediately anti-gun. A lot of the democrats we converse with are pro-gun, and this is what we need. We need to win over the people in the left who are sensible men, because the fringe always gets the most attention.

The anti-gun lobby is relatively small right now, but the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Like I said, with all of the abuses of gun crimes sensationalized in the media, the center-left are being pulled more to the far-left at least in terms of gun laws. 

The two major democrat candidates right now, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both taking strong stances against assault rifles. This is how these things always start. They want to get their party in control of banning certain guns, so that later down the road its easier for them to ban more guns, until the point you are justifying why you need a gun in the first place. It's a slippery slope. 

It isn't anybody's business why you want to have an automatic rifle or gun. You do not have to justify anything to anybody. We just need to make sure the weasels don't close in. We welcome democrats who are logical and reasonable to help us defend the American cause of remaining armed at our own freedom. We need bi-partisan support for the second amendment. 

It's important to keep our message in front of eyes and not back down from the political pressure of the far-left and anti-gun groups. 

Below is a few samples of some of our best pro-gun t-shirts

Chuck K
Chuck K


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The Unicorn (aka a female libertarian)
The Unicorn (aka a female libertarian)

December 23, 2016

Hey there boys. Nice website.

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