• Democracy; Spreading the Love T-Shirt

August 31, 2016

Democracy; Spreading the Love T-Shirt


Democracy Spreading the Love T-Shirt

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 Step right Ladies and Gentlemen, your Country needs you! There are a lot of backward uncivilized countries who need to experience the fresh air of freedom and democracy, and we are here to deliver! Sign your name right here and you can begin spreading the love today for the low cost of onlyyour soul! You weren't using it anyway, I'm sure. It will all be worth it when these primitive, uneducated people have water, food, eurocentric education, and the right to vote in free elections for leaders we pick to control them. You'll be giving them central banks and a lifelong currency system of debt to our honorable ruling class!

This sardonic shirt points out the irony of what it means to spread democracy around the world. An awesome shirt for any free-thinker who questions the sincerity of their world leaders.  

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